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Quality Restoration & Interior Painting in Boston, MA

Creating a beautiful room requires extensive preparation and care, both in how to approach the project and in guaranteeing that final coat will last as long as needed, and stay looking sharp. Jack Clarke Painting has the skills, experience, and dedication needed to make sure your home looks its best with our refinishing and interior painting in Boston, MA.


We ensure that the integrity of your home is maintained, so you and your family can enjoy the same look for years to come.

Our preparation is second to none. We carefully sand all trim by hand, or with premium sanders like Festool. We utilize high-end wood fillers, primers, and fine paints, and we spray or brush trim for a beautiful finish.

Home Interior, Interior Painting in Boston, MA
Interior Painting in Boston, MA


With three generations of painting experience, we know how to make a home look amazing. Taking into account your preferences, the purpose of the room, and the amount of natural light, we can create a perfectly painted room that will fit in with your home.

You will be amazed by the quality of the finished products. Jack Clarke has 22 years of experience in residential painting. Utilizing high-end paints, we can create the perfect result that exceeds all expectations.

We offer exterior painting services, as well. contact us at 617-596-5979 or at for a free quote today.