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Wood Refinishing in Boston, MA

Wood refinishing in Boston, MA, and restoring the natural beauty of wood is our passion at Jack Clarke Painting. We help restore wood for homeowners and organizations. In the past, we have worked with historic restoration projects, libraries, and custom rooms.

Family History

We preserve fine examples of woodwork by dedicating ourselves to the fine arts of staining and varnishing. We base our methods on proven techniques taught by the masters in Ireland, bringing with us the finest European traditions and using them to guarantee the beauty and long life of modern and antique pieces.

Ensuring your wood looks its best requires a keen eye, great knowledge in color stain matching, and the skill to apply a perfect lacquer coating. At Jack Clarke Painting, we ensure all of that and more.

Finished Projects

We have recently completed wood refinishing and restoration of the woodwork at Yvonne’s Restaurant in downtown Boston. The wood was hand carved in the 1800s and required a complete restoration. We had to clean, shade, and lacquer all pieces, and do the same with newer wood installation to guarantee a seamless fit.

Before Wood Refinishing in Boston, MA


After Wood Refinishing in Boston, MA


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